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Have your employees got the right work life balance?

With research from revealing that a third of Brits go to sleep with work on their mind and one in five checking their emails before going to sleep, it’s no surprise that Manchester Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index highlighted that a poor work/life balance can quickly lead to stress and burnout, which may lead to sickness absence.

According to research from our charity partner Manchester Mind, one in 10 employees rated their current mental health as currently poor or very poor. Of these 26 per cent said this was due to problems at work and 40 per cent said they had taken time off as a result.

Although some mental health issues were related to peoples work life balance the majority (59 per cent) think it impacts more simple tasks such as booking a medical appointment. As a result of this 52% of workers said they go into work whilst ill because they feel under pressure to complete their workload.

35% of people working in the UK have had to miss Doctors’ appointments because they were unable to go during work hours, the same for Dentist appointments (27%). Most shockingly however was that a quarter of parents have had to miss children’s school meetings because of work commitments.

The average employee will spend at least 21% of their waking hours at work in their lifetime, so it’s important to strike a good work-life balance.

Is it time to ask yourself what can you do to ensure your employees manage the right work life balance?

Employee Wellbeing
One of the number one factors that effects employees’ productivity in the workplace is their wellbeing. A healthy employee, is a happy employee; and a happy employee is a productive one! Check out our infographic on employee wellbeing initiatives here.

Flexible working
A third of employees surveyed said they would like flexible hours as part of their works perks package. Although this is something a proportion of businesses still feel uncomfortable about, flexible working hours could be the key to retaining talent. Find out more about workplace perks here.

Manchester Mind Charity recommend encouraging staff to work sensible hours, take
full lunch breaks, rest and recuperate after busy periods, avoid working at weekends and take their full annual leave entitlement to all help avoid burnout.

Find out more about how striking the right work life balance can help your recruiting efforts when looking to attract new talent by speaking to Lisa or a member the Gibson Hollyhomes team.