We strongly believe in the unique culture and nature of each company. Our main reason for establishing Gibson Hollyhomes is because we believe recruitment has moved away from a tailored service into a mass “one approach fits all”. You will not get that working with us.

Your Reason for Approaching a Recruitment Company is based on one of the following:

  • Not got enough time to recruit yourself.
  • Not got experience of recruitment, therefore need help with the process.
  • You do not want the company’s exposure to 100’s of applications.
  • The role you are recruiting for is confidential.
  • You can’t find the right candidate via direct recruitment efforts.
  • You do not have access to candidate attraction resources.
  • You would like to bench mark new candidate’s skills with those of your existing work force.
  • You cannot attract the volume of candidates to meet your business needs quickly enough.

One or all of these problems is/are something Gibson Hollyhomes can solve. The Directors and Senior Management team all have over 15 years experience in Recruitment we are experts and our advice is free.

Our method is to apply the following Recruitment Process:

  • On taking your vacancy we will agree timescales for the recruitment & selection process i.e. CV submission, feedback, interviews and offer management. This will allow us to oversee the process effectively.
  • As part of the consultation process we will advise you honestly on how long it will take to find the perfect candidate for your role. We will also be realistic when advising on whether we are able to secure a candidate for your vacancy.
  • We not only search for your ideal candidate, but once contacted we make sure that the candidate, successful or not, has the best possible image of you as a recruiter.
  • Every candidate submitted to you will have specifically requested to be put forward to your role. We believe that the candidate must want the position within your business and as such they are more likely to succeed at interview. You will not just receive the CVs of four candidates that are “looking for a change”.

Don’t take our words for it, give Gibson Hollyhomes a call and speak to one of the Directors any time between 8am and 6pm