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Workplace perks or random acts of kindness?

Whether you’re looking to attract new talent or retain it, have you thought about what you are doing to keep your staff happy? Turns out more than a third of professionals would consider moving on from their current role because the perks on offer simply don’t make the cut.

According to a new study (from CV-library), 62 per cent of professionals believe workplace perks to be a key consideration when looking for a new job, in particular 25 to 34-year-old workers where 95 per cent stated that details about benefits help to inform their decision over an application. With people far more likely to apply for jobs where the employee benefits are made clear, have you considered stating it within your recruitment process?

As the trend of job satisfaction continues to grow across the country, UK employees have revealed the workplace perks they desire the most.

Top 3 desired desirable workplace perks:

Flexible working

A third of employees surveyed said they would like flexible hours as part of their works perks package. Although this is something a proportion of businesses still feel uncomfortable about, flexible working hours could be the key to retaining talent.

Seasonal bonuses

It’s easy to feel unmotivated and unappreciated, which is why 25 per cent reported that a bonus is thought of as the ideal workplace perk to reignite an employee’s passion and purpose for their role.

Extra holiday

Employees have shown an interest in the new found ‘unlimited’ holiday benefit, but for many companies they’re still airing on the side of caution. Take a look at few well-known companies offering this unique benefit here. Or have you thought about offering paid annual leave for Birthdays as and added treat instead?

With 85 per cent of employees in a recent study stating they were more inclined to work for organisations who clearly labelled the perks of the job, is it time to ask yourself are you happy with the workplace benefits your company offers employees?

Find out more about how employee benefits can help your recruiting efforts when looking to attract new talent by speaking to Lisa or a member the Gibson Hollyhomes team.