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When Should I Apply for a New Job? [Infographic]

Research indicates there are certain times of year where employers typically take on more staff. Check out this handy infographic where we’ve outlined the best times of year to apply for a new job to maximise your chances of employment.


when should I apply for a new job infographic

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When Should I Apply for a New Job?

Did you know there were 14% MORE applications per job from July to December than there were from January to June?

Looking for a new job? Make sure you’re applying at the right time of year to maximise your chances of employment!

BEST: New Year, New Job [Jan – April]

18% of people highlight a career change as their main New Year’s resolution.

WORST: Competition in Summer [June – July]

3:1 is the ratio of job seekers to available jobs in Summer.

BEST: Autumn Peaks [September – October]

715,000 vacancies are advertised in the services sector alone between September and October.

WORST: Hibernate for Winter [November – December]

Only 8% of the year’s vacancies are advertised between November and December.

Top Tips:

With updated budgets and annual forecasts, companies really ramp up recruitment between January and February.

Although the chances of landing your dream job in the summer are slimmer, don’t give up! The summer talent pool will be much smaller, increasing your chances of landing an interview come September.

More job adverts are posted in September and October than any other time of the year.

Use November and December to research the jobs you’d like to apply for in the New Year.