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Thoughts of an MD in a small business during the pandemic

Gibson Hollyhomes has been in business of 13 years in June,

a feat that seemed incomprehensible I would have called you a loon.

We started with a lot of ambition, enthusiasm and passion

belief but no expertise, the right work ethic in a fashion.

The first year was very difficult, but successful none the less,

then Northern Rock closed its doors and we were in a mess.

One director left to start a family and other 2 pondered

“Can we make this work, should we go back to careers we wondered.”

The recession was awful, personal finances went up in smoke,

the whole world was on its knees and everyone was broke.

We made it through just three of us on the front-line fighting.

The writing was on the wall BUT at least I wrote the writing.

As an MD 13 years later with a massive worldwide pandemic in our mits

there is no control, more people to look after and no knowledge that fits.

As a business we have been successful and developed lots of careers,

we have put the employees first and shared success over the years.

The people, development and opportunities as always drives me the most

and people who have left in the main I always share a toast.

But now I am in a position of offering only optimistic rhetoric,

the over guessing with a confident smile makes me feel pathetic.

I spend the first 10 days of lock down poorly with corona,

the stress each day in my head made me more of a lone – a.

It is an awful virus pressure, ache and pain

But I knew I would be OK in the main.

The thoughts of our team floating around with no clear direction

pushed me backwards and forwards with equal complication.

The feeling of helplessness almost made me stay in bed

but the drive to help my people never left my head.

When I had moments of clarity in-between the boughts of fever,

going on line, reading news looking for answers to deliver.

Finally feeling a lot better, the world delivered furlough,

I have manged to hang on to everyone despite the inferno.

It came as a relief everyone felt calm and the sun shone

and then the daily briefings started telling the people who had gone.

Full stop, nothing more, life is primary responsibility for all

the next few weeks were pure tragedy so many people to fall.

But my role as MD suddenly was thrown in a new light

all the furloughed team needed structure and reassurance in this plight.

But I have no answers, no reference to take knowledge

I felt so much understanding for the government with no Corona College.

They have the whole country hanging on every briefing ahead

with no answers, no clear direction only trying to stop more being dead.

But for mental health, for hope for life and smiles

we needed to start taking and find direction to get over the trails.

So, ZOOM arrived and I starting talk to the side-lined team

it actually transpired I needed the focus too, to get through this dream.

There are so many worries in my head about how to go onward,

but talking about them worked with the stress of moving forwards.

I am still in the dark about PPE, cleaners and aircon,

travel to work, kids in school, flexible working to jump on.

Technology, Pre-existing conditions, car parking and sick pay,

wearing masks, shaking hands, going to the loo in a safe way.

Then you start with no market, no clients, no economy what’s there

asking consultants to make placements when the cupboard is bare.

How long can you go on without revenue coming in?

How much time should you give the recovery to begin?

Is it responsible to borrow money to cover your cost?

To make sure the peoples jobs are not lost

how long can you leave your whole team side-lined?

When to bite the bullet and ask people back to be combined

is that better for the health of people, for the business the right thing to do?

Or wait for as long as you can while the government supports in 80% of the revenue.

Shall you cut suppliers, be ruthless and streamline to protect your own

or is that irresponsible and selfish in the world of pandemic the wrong tone.

I have to come up with answers, and I know this is the job

I have had some great times and live well so now not the time to blob.

So, I search on, work hard, panic, ease, and talk to anyone who will help

but writing this odd poem might help me and stop the big yelp.

I go back now to the family where I am a teacher of two

trust me I need no more motivation to get this right than the next topic…”winnie the pooh”