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Thoughts of a Dancer…….. from Rory our Managing Director

It is six weeks to go before I am exposed to a crowd of Family, Friends and Clients in one of the most terrifying ways possible.  In a costume… dancing!

When sitting around a table, with 22 Gibson Hollyhomes Colleagues asking what they would like to do for charity, the 23rd June seemed a long way away.  The idea stemmed from trying to think of something that people might actually sponsor you to do. How many times have you been asked for money for someone “going for a run” or “shaving off their beard”.   We wanted to ask people to give to charity for putting on an event that they can enjoy.  An event that will involve 22 people training really hard for three months in order to organise a show FOR YOU TO ENJOY, that will involve significant investment from Gibson Hollyhomes in order to raise money for a great cause AND to give money to help make the ridiculously embarrassing moment I dance a Rumba dressed as a Matador worth every donation for Manchester Mind.

How is it going? Well six hours of training, across four sessions and I have forgotten the opening 10 seconds on every occasion and had to start again. Last night we danced straight into a fridge (yes I was leading and yes she was less than impressed).  I have fallen over on my new porcelain hip, I have dropped my partner in the only tiny lift we can physically manage and we have changed our routine 10 times based on trying to be entertaining and yet bringing it down to our level.  Already both of us (yes I am comfortable with this) have cried in sheer terror, laughed at the ridiculousness and had moments of abstract staring with overwhelming fear in our eyes.

Please donate and come along for a night of “laughs”, entertainment seems to come with too many expectations.

Thank you!