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The Seven P’s

The Seven P’s

Prior planning and preparation prevents p*** poor performance

My college teacher used to use this phrase all the time and since then it has stuck with me. Studying Performing Arts for 6 years it was used in a different context, getting ready for rehearsals, auditions and performances. However, since then I have started to refer back to it in all aspects of life.

From working in retail, customer service, cabin crew and now recruitment, being prepared is something that I personally always like to be. With that being said, no-one could have prepared for COVID -19. I think that is one of the things that I have struggled with most throughout this. The unknown, wondering what will happen next and what can I do to impact that.

I found some of my old University work the other day and it reminded me of “the seven p’s” so I have started to put together some plans for returning to the “new normal” and have found it has helped me get back on track.

As a recruiter, a lot of the time we often think “I have done everything I can, and now it’s down to the client and candidate to get along” but is that true? Have you fully prepped the candidate, have you gone through all situations with the client? I think moving forward, the industry will see some big changes. We can’t plan for all of them but I think having a clear plan and strategy set out will certainly help.

Candidates might be thinking what can I do to help myself in the current climate? The above still applies, maybe now more than before. The competition will be a lot stronger, so making sure you are fully prepared is going to be key. It also brings a sense of confidence, knowing that you have planned what you are going to be doing. This can be from starting off your job search, getting your CV ready all the way through to interview stage.

Individually, whether you are a recruiter looking to help clients and candidates or you’re on the search for a new role, I think we will all have to take more accountability for our actions and going back to “the seven p’s” is something that I am going to start implementing back into my daily life.

I always feel calmer and more productive when I have a plan in place for my day. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a to-do list, which is one of the ways that I plan and prepare. Start to implement little changes to your day now that will help you going forward. This could be writing down your tasks, digging a bit deeper into your research of a company or asking someone to mock-interview you to help with nerves.