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Recruitment is just like surfing the Blue Planet!!!


Gibson Hollyhomes is 12 years into its recruitment story. I have been asked a few times recently what the future holds. It is a difficult thing to predict the future. I have recently looked into all of the business plans I made 12 years ago. It is fair to say, there has been a strong element of rolling with the punches, pushing when right, running occasionally and standing up to mistakes.

When trying to quantify this into examples I am left always coming back to people… I am so proud to say that over 40% of the people at Gibson Hollyhomes have been working here for 5 years+. A big achievement in the faster moving, commercial recruitment world we are in. There are also a lot of people in the interim 2/3 years who I hope will graduate into the “5-year crusties”. Brilliant people who I enjoy working with every day.

It is also fair to say there are a few people who I miss and regret leaving the business. A lot of these remain great friends, important confidants and always incredible people. I had a drink with one of the first people (16 years ago) that I managed last week. We laughed a lot about our small (5 people) team, but remembered the importance of the time – learning from our many mistakes and reminiscing about the drive we had to go on to bigger careers.   There are many more colleagues who are doing some amazing things after a few years with us including running surf schools to filming blue planet.

After 12 years I would like to crack on into new and exciting things. I hope to share all of those things with the team we are so proud of building. What this means is that there is now an opportunity for new people to come into Gibson Hollyhomes and make their mark. We are looking for entrepreneurial consultants, with a strong focus on commercial greatness and PEOPLE… People will always be our most important value, and we would like to welcome more into the business with the right energy and ambition to grow.

You must recognise a fantastic opportunity and not let it go. Stand strong and be courageous through the tough times… It is so important to the company that you believe in making the most of every opportunity presented to you… positively. Don’t be afraid, follow your dream, don’t self-destruct, believe, jump and reach out for what you want and don’t let go (I think secretly I want to be in a Disney film). Live life to the full, don’t over think it, just respect and enjoy.

If you believe this is you, and would like to join a business that will help you realise your potential, please get in touch. When I am asked about the future of Gibson Hollyhomes the answer remains the same… It is normally down to the people who are asking me the question.