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Our New Normal

Our New Normal… Things We have Learnt and Things We will Never do again.

I think it’s safe to say over the past few months, we’ve experienced an extraordinary change in the way we live our everyday lives due to COVID-19. The way we work, the way we study, the way we travel, the way we exercise and the way we socialise, has all changed. Each of these bringing their own challenges for us all to face, either independently or with our families/colleagues.

12 months ago who would’ve thought that queuing outside the supermarket and having birthday parties through Zoom would be the new normal and the expected things to do!

With many people’s lives in general moving at a slower pace, with both work; either from home or due to the furlough system as well as many hobby activities being cancelled,  most of us have had more time on our hands to learn new things and spend time doing the things we love but normally wouldn’t have time to do.

As a company, each week we sit down to have a catch up, talk about work, discuss any questions we may have but also to check on each other and have some fun, playing games and doing quizzes. One of the challenges we were asked to prepare for a recent meeting was to think of something we have learnt in lockdown and something that we will never do again.

It turns out we are a very multi – talented bunch, with lots of us having learnt new skills or taken up new hobbies, with everything from, knitting to online poker, languages and pilates.

However, the main over riding theme was that most people felt the biggest thing they had learnt and also the thing they would never do again tied in together.

We all agreed that this time has made us appreciate the time we have both had with our families but also the time we haven’t been able to spend with our loved ones and friends. It was unanimous that once lockdown is over and it is safe to do so we will all taken advantage of being able to see our friends and families and do our best to not let life get in the way, or not look for excuses to not meet because we are too tired after a long week.

What are the main things you have taken from this lockdown period?