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Meet the Team: Amy

Amy graduated from the University of York in 2011 with a degree in Archaeology. After realising a career as the next Indiana Jones wasn’t viable she spent three years in Finance and Sales Administration. In 2014, she took the career leap into Recruitment and has been with Gibson Hollyhomes ever since.  After 3 years on the Professional Services/Legal desk, she is now our first dedicated Legal recruiter in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area, specialising in non-qualified Legal Staff.  Outside of work, Amy switches high heels for walking boots and usually spends the weekend up a hill somewhere.

From your experience what factors/challenges do you think are affecting the recruitment market?

We are seeing more and more, particularly in the legal sector that salary is becoming the main reason for leaving a job.  Candidates are more aware than ever that their skills and experience are in demand, and therefore holding out for roles that will give them at least a 20% increase on their annual salary.  However, businesses are not necessarily putting salaries up which can cause the market to be quite stagnant.

What are the big differences in working for a global recruiter and a smaller agency from your experience?

I find, without the pressures of unrealistic KPIs and targets that are so often found in global recruiters, we can use our time more effectively in making sure we get the right fit for our candidates and clients.  This is what our reputation is built upon and that’s how we want to keep it. Sending CVs to hit a KPI doesn’t always produce quality results.

What do you enjoy most about the role and how has the Leeds office changed since you started with the company?

The office in Leeds has undergone massive changes since I joined almost 4 years ago. I joined when there were just two us and now we have trebled, which has brought with it more clients and more specialist divisions.  It’s great to see the office go from strength to strength, and with that I have been able to find my niche. The part of the job I enjoy the most is the satisfaction that comes with knowing you have done the best job you can for clients and candidates alike.

What value can you bring to clients and candidates alike? 

Honesty. I don’t believe in square peg round hole. Moving jobs is massive, it’s where you spend most of your day, where you can start a career so it needs to be right.  I would like to think my clients and candidates appreciate my honesty, and that turns into great recruitment matchmaking!

If you didn’t work in recruitment, what would you be doing?

I would definitely be a mountain guide! However my sense of direction could really scupper those plans – so maybe I would revert back to my original dream of being an Archaeologist. I love learning and investigating and coming up with new ideas. So the thought of adding to what we can learn about different cultures and societies is amazing!