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Don’t wait until the New Year!

Here are 5 reasons looking for a new job should not be put off until the New Year….

  1. You are coasting

Once you have decided that you are going to leave a company, your attention has already shifted and your effort drops from 100%. You are then doing yourself, your colleagues, your honest manager and the business who has invested time and effort in your personal development an injustice.

  1. Why wait?

In my recruitment experience (too long!) the best idea about a new job is the first one.  When you talk to a new candidate (even when you see a new CV) there is an idea that immediately springs to mind.. ACT on it! Yes, you can be better served occasionally through taking your time and maybe your mind might be changed the longer you deliberate but if you don’t go for it you never know!

  1. It’s coming up to the time in year where people are generally less busy.

Trying to meet a busy industry leader can be really difficult. By the nature of their job they more than likely have a very full calendar. Pick the time of the year where they are less busy and therefore can facilitate a meeting with you.  Odds on they are in a better frame of mind too (an impending holiday tends to do this!) I bet you will find it easier to schedule a time that suits you.

  1. LESS competition.

However much you advise people to keep looking during the “quieter period” they won’t.  Which means your CV will stand out. Be the best in the smaller selection, not one of the masses who decides they want to leave as the Christmas party didn’t quite live up to expectations!

  1. Finally….Holidays!

If you join a new company in the New Year you will odds on be part of the busiest period of the year for that company. They don’t want you to join half way through as they won’t have the time to train you. However if you know you are starting something new in the New Year and  the company you are joining has written you into their FULL plan for 2018.. You can kick back and have the best Christmas ever!