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Does Size Matter?

6 Reasons to choose a smaller Recruitment Agency – Gibson Hollyhomes.

  1. There is No “B” Team. Small agencies value ALL business and treat all business with the creativity and passion it deserves whether high or low profile.
  2. Pace. Fewer layers of Management mean fewer approvals, fewer processes and less potential roadblocks.
  3. Flexibility. Agencies of our size DO NOT have a “one size fits all” approach. Consultants having direct access to MD’s and being a close-knit team results in fee flexibility and a more tailored service to suit your requirements.
  4. Staff Retention. Smaller agencies tend to have higher staff retention meaning your contact will remain the same for a longer period. Consultants with longer service will have broader Market knowledge and experience to provide the service you are looking for.
  5. Personal. Recruitment is all about people and building relationships. Using a small Recruitment Agency can guarantee a more personal experience with a friendly, family feel. It is important to get to know YOU as a person as well as the ins and outs of the business you work for.
  6. Client Focus. Whilst bigger agencies spread their attention to the whole of the market. Small independents can focus on segments and become experts in those areas. Whilst the big agency must increase scope to remain in growth mode, small recruitment agencies can remain focused on the client and provide the expertise you are looking for.