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Recruitment is a tough job sometimes. We work with a raw material which is the most interesting in the whole world… PEOPLE…however they are the most inconsistent and ever changing product, ever constructed.
I just felt like posting about this hard working team at Gibson Hollyhomes. Here we are at 8am, for those who want to, getting our minds straight for the day, lifting each other when we have had difficult times. This business is based on people and it is my overriding passion. Helping people achieve their work goals, allowing the money to flow so they can have a great life. I believe in getting the most out of everything… never giving up… and following your heart… and your dreams (Cheesy for a recruiter… but true).
We have grown steadily in the last 10 years… We have a core of people who have been here for all that time. That growth is down to them, but overriding open to ALL.

If you don’t give up, if you follow your dreams, if you take a risk and enjoy a smile I think you would enjoy working here and with this crew. Please get in touch.. inspire US.

Rory Gibson
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