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5 Reasons Why Candidate Feedback is Important

The following article is by our Recruitment Consultant, Jessica Saunders

After being in recruitment for over two years one of the most frustrating obstacles that I come up against is a lack of candidate feedback. Below, I have listed my Top 5 reasons as to why feedback is so important for candidates, clients and also recruitment agencies too.

5 Reasons Why Candidate Feedback is Important

  • Risk of Losing Strong Candidates – The market at the moment is extremely candidate driven and the strongest candidates are getting snapped up. Taking over a week to provide feedback means you risk losing the really strong ones to your competitors. If you are serious about recruiting and want the best people in your business you need to act fast!
  • Reputation – Not providing candidates with feedback can damage the reputation of the business. It is extremely easy for candidates to share their honest thoughts with the world via social media! If they have had a bad experience during the application or interview process they are going to share their opinions with a post on social media for all their dearest and nearest to like and share.
  • Constructive Feedback – Ultimately candidates need to know where they are going wrong in order to improve for future interviews. If Bob keeps wearing his favourite (but hideous) tie to all his interviews and it offends all his interviewers how is he supposed to learn? He will forever be blissfully unaware that his tie is the reason he never gets the job.
  • Wrong Fit – Recruitment agencies rely heavily on CV feedback to indicate where they are going wrong. Why are those candidates not right? What candidates would be better? Learning about what candidates won’t work can often lead to those that will and avoids a ‘square peg, round hole’ scenario.
  • Candidate Value – Candidate feedback makes them feel special. Everyone likes to feel important and giving candidates tailored feedback can make them feel appreciated.