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4 ways to reduce stress at work

April in the UK is National Stress Awareness Month, and we want to take this opportunity to highlight stress in the workplace, consider what causes workplace stress, and offer some ways to reduce it!

As somewhere we spend a lot of our time, often in demanding situations, the workplace can be a pressure cooker which is conducive to stress. How to identify workplace stress? Signs can include staff leaving your company, disputes cropping up between work mates, and a general bad atmosphere around the place.

Whether you are a business owner, office manager or member of staff you should know that there are things you can do to make your workplace a stress free environment for everyone. Let’s look at some:

Personal space

It can be a cost saver, but if employees are bunched up on overcrowded work desks you are creating the perfect environment for stress. If at all possible, employees need their own personal space. Not only does this encourage concentration due to there being fewer distractions, but you can also keep on top of office organisation, with a clean and tidy area. If you are an employee who feels they don’t have enough space, raise it with your line manager!


As an employee, do you have any say on the decoration or styling of your workplace? You might not want to vote on the colour of the wallpaper, but personalising corners of the office with your own photographs, posters, or even notifications relating to social activities, can go a long way to making you more relaxed and less stressed.

Refresh and refuel

How much do you invest in daily refreshments? You don’t need to buy lunch for your employees, but you might be amazed at the positive effect some simple snacks and fresh fruit can have, in addition to the standard teas and coffees. They can keep hunger at bay during busy periods, and give your team the energy boost they need to get the job done.

Dress down Fridays?

If you work at an organisation which requires uniforms or smart dress, if possible, how about having a dress down Friday every so often? Wearing your own choice of clothes to work can really help bring out a team as individuals, and promote a relaxed environment in which you can be at ease with each other. You could even make it for a good cause and ask for a small donation from everyone who wants to wear what they want.

Those are just four ways to reduce stress at work. Keep searching for methods of keeping happy, because a harmonious environment is essential to both wellbeing and productivity.